Curtis Wolfenberger

I’m a driven entrepreneur and Full-Stack Web Developer - filling my time working on new concepts and perfecting old ones. My passion is for front-end design/development, but I have experience with both front-end and back-end.

I love what I do

I am an entrepreneur and Full-Stack Web Developer based in the Phoenix, AZ area. I have experience with everything from client to server in regard to web design and development. Along with a history of web technologies, I also have a background in IT that includes client and server-side hardware and software, networking, troubleshooting, and more.

My passion is for front-end web (UI/UX) design and development. However, I strive to master the entire web design and development process - including back-end programming and database/server administration.

I am a diligent, persistent, and focused individual who does what is necessary to accomplish the tasks at hand. Always endeavoring to make my next work - the best work.

Skills & Expertise

HTML5, JavaScript, & CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3 are awesome - especially when used with SASS. Used in the making of modern websites that are responsive and adaptive, these can be the key to great web development. Responsive websites will adapt to the size of the devices that they are viewed on. This allows you to dictate what your users see, and how you want them to see it, on most mobile devices and screens.

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JS Frameworks

Front-end JavaScript Frameworks

I've worked with a number of frameworks including React, Vue, Angular, and Ember. The brunt of my experience lies with Vue. It is simple and elegant, allowing for a dynamic and clean project environment. Vue.js is very much like a mix between React and Angular.

php mysql


Over the years I've developed many websites that utilize object-oriented PHP, procedural PHP, and the PHP MVC framework Laravel. I've also developed websites with custom content management systems and even a fully functional CRM that tied up a businesses' loose ends.


Adobe Suite

"Wait, you mean to tell me this guy can design too?" Yup. This comes from many hours of study and practice over a number of years - as well as countless tired nights in front of the computer studying graphic design and strategic web placement & layout. My experience lies mainly in Photoshop and Illustrator. However, I have some experience with Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver, and InDesign as well.



Source/Revision Control is a necessary component for any development team. It allows for the branching and merging of data, a full history, and version tracking. My favorite combo is GitKraken and BitBucket, but I'm willing to "branch" out.

Coda 2

Code Editors / IDEs

I don't rely on WYSIWYG editors to do my development for me. Rather, I have used a range of editors/IDEs. I have experience with Notepad++, Brackets, SublimeText 2 & 3, PhpStorm (my personal favorite), Coda 2, Eclipse, Dreamweaver (ugh... just to learn it), and on one occasion - a napkin at my in-law's.



Wordpress is a content management system that allows for clients to update the content on their websites without needing the knowledge of html or css. I've developed a menagerie of custom Wordpress templates, themes, and plugins.

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I am the Co-Founder of Sidebar Development, a team of passionate web professionals who boost brands and propel businesses through high-end websites and web applications.

Head on over and check it out! Here, you can use this fancy link to get there.

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I enjoy hanging out on Dribbble, and you can see my online resume over at LinkedIn.

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